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Acharya Maha Mandleshwar Dr. Swami Sachidanandhari Sakshi Ji Maharaj (12th Jan.1956) Member of Parliament, founder of Sri Bhagwan Bhavan, Haridwar (Uttrakhand), Sri Govind Hari Ashram Sant Colony, Vrindavan, Mathura (U.P.), Sri Shiv Mandir Sanyas Math and Chairman of Sri Bhagwan Trust Committee, Rishikesh (Uttaranchal), Sri Bhagwan Satsang Bhavan, 252 Tagore Park, Delhi and an eminent social worker, established over 125 centers all over India. Sant Sakshi Ji Maharaj is known to millions throughout India for his charity and social cause. He is the president of "VIRAT HINDU SAMMELAN" (1991) held in Delhi.

He is acclaimed as India's greatest sensuous Acharya, writing in Hindi and Sanskrit language. His collection of religious teaching namely Sidhant Updesh Part I, II & III, Saral Vivek, Geeta Darshan, Vichar Mala, Parmartha-Bhajnavali, Ashtravakra-Geeta, Vairagya-Shatak Shiv-Mahimn Stotram, Astavishantunishad, Panchdashi, Vichar Chandrodaya, Srimad Bhagvatiyam Yogashastram and Bhagwan Sandesh, Hindi monthly magazine from 1972 onwards, has won the soul of millions people.

Sant Sakshi Ji Maharaj is the promoter of ancient Hindu Culture and tradition. He has contributed a lot in the field of sanskrit. He is the chairman of Haryana Sanskrit Vidhyapeetha, Palwal, Haryana. He was the obedient student of the above organization and now holds the prestigious post of Chairman in the same organization.

He is the founder of many educational institutions. His priority is to lift downtrodden, women, minorities and society through education. Even still the quest for his social service in the continuing process.

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